Waste Management

Waste Management

Commitment, experience and solutions in different waste treatment phases.

We design, develop and apply our JASO Automation Software, aimed at greater effectiveness in the movements of cranes within treatment plants and an increase in work cycles, thereby reducing the risk of equipment failure. We can develop different process configurations from semi-automated cranes to fully automated cranes that are always controlled remotely, ensuring that the simultaneous tasks to be carried out within the production plants are performed effectively throughout the entire process.

Altogether, the main differences when using cranes instead of a front loading system during the energy conversion processes are:

  • Elimination of diesel fuel emissions within the plant.
  • Floor space optimisation.
  • Work time/cycle improvement.

With installations completed in the last few years for the leading Engineering firms in the sector, mainly in Europe (France, Spain and the UK), we have the experience and know-how necessary to adapt to your needs.


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