Storage and Logistics

Storage and Logistics

Experts in crane automation for stock preparation and space optimisation.

We know the production process and storage logistics in detail. We are experts in crane automation.

  • Manufacturing phase preparation.
  • Stock preparation.
  • Space optimisation in warehouses.
  • Intelligent warehouses.
  • Productivity optimisation.
  • Minimisation of picking errors.

We consider stock management to be critical, and so at JASO Industrial Cranes, we develop 100% automated solutions for handling long steelwork, coils, and other products.

Together with the customer, we study work cycles, production facility and warehouse layouts, and the objectives to be achieved, so to develop the solution they need.

Our cranes make intelligent warehouses highly effective high-performance spaces by optimising space and working continuously. This improves safety and productivity, additionally minimising human error when preparing stocks and picking.


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