Iron and steel industry

Iron and steel industry

Leaders in the most demanding environments.

Leading companies in the iron and steel industries throughout the world rely on JASO Industrial Cranes solutions. More than 50 years offering lifting equipment for the most demanding environments, always guaranteeing maximum safety and productivity in highly aggressive environments such as steelworks, foundries, steel rolling mills and in finished and semi-finished product plants.

We design and install cranes for scrap handling, EAF charging and ladle handling cranes, cranes for forging, Tundish cranes and cranes for steel rolling mills.

Lifting solutions for steel mills and foundries

We are experts in the design and manufacture of cranes for steelworks and foundries. With more than 100 EAF charging and ladle handling cranes installed worldwide, we design, manufacture and install high-capacity, high-performance cranes to meet maximum safety and productivity levels.

Lifting solutions for steel rolling mills

We guarantee the performance of our cranes for finished and semi-finished products. Various configurations of magnetic crossbars and rotating trolleys that ensure correct product discharge and optimise the logistical flow in loading and unloading.

Cranes for product storage

At JASO Industrial Cranes, we offer automated solutions for the storage of metal materials such as coils and long products of different materials. We adapt our cranes according to the environment and our clients' production demands.


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