More than 50 years offering lifting solutions in manufacturing plants.

At JASO Industrial Cranes, we are committed to the customer's production requirements. We know the different processes both within the steel -making industries as well as in assembly production lines. We offer solutions to maintain the established plans and material advances in the most demanding environments.

  • Experience and know-how in manufacturing processes.
  • Work cycle optimisation.
  • Tailored solutions in manufacturing processes from start to finish.
  • Multi-sector lifting solution experience in manufacturing processes.

We hoist everything from raw materials to finished products using our two-speed cable hoists or with a series frequency converter, offering different configurations such as single- and double-girder cranes, gantry cranes and various types of cantilever cranes.

We can offer what your project needs for lifting or transfer, in short, the necessary services so that you can focus on planning your production without unanticipated incidents.


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