Petroleum and Gas

Petroleum and Gas

More than 50 years meeting the challenges of the most demanding industries.

Together with EAF charging cranes in steelworks, these are the cranes that work in the most demanding environments. Extremely humid conditions, flammable atmospheres, environments with extreme temperatures of up to minus-50 degrees, and above all, intense work cycle demands when transporting coke from the pit to its final destination.

Cranes from JASO Industrial Cranes for handling coke in the petroleum sector are designed with special materials, redundant safety measures, and follow the directives necessary to ensure optimal functioning with no unforeseen delays. A crane designed and manufactured to combat high temperatures, dust and constant humidity.

We have a range of ATEX cable hoists and tailored explosion-proof solutions that, together with our assistance service, make safety the first priority above all other aspects.

Maximum productivity in demanding industries

We can automate lifting and transfer operations so that productivity is adjusted to the customer's programs and thereby achieve maximum crane output.

With extensive experience in these solutions, we have the crane that best suits your needs.


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