Hoist product line with capacities of up to 100 t.

With two product ranges, 'N' Range with a two-speed lifting motor and 'V' Range with a lifting frequency converter, we offer the best solutions for your company with lifting capacities of up to 100 t in crane and jib configurations.

Capacity 1 to 100 t

Span 1 to 30 m

Work Group M4 to M6

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There are two different configuration types for hoists.

Supported Hoist

With bearings and sprockets manufactured with case hardening steel, we provide small high performance gears. The perfect solution for auxiliary processes.

Reduced Height or Single-Girder Hoist

This is the best option for use in reduced spaces. It consists of two trolleys (motorised and auxiliary) with two wheels that turn on bearings attached to plates which are duly mechanised and joined by bolts.

Double-Girder Hoist

The perfect hoist to achieve a combination of stability, balance and hook movement. It has a frame formed by two mechanised box panels after assembly in order to ensure the perfect alignment of the wheels.