Cranes for the automotive industry.

Leading companies in the automotive industry trust JASO Industrial Cranes. We provide a variety of lifting solutions for handling and production chain logistics throughout the world.

  • Cranes for specific processes.
  • Cranes for automobile pre-assembly lines.
  • Cranes for automobile assembly lines.
  • Cranes for assembly line manufacturing.

Within our range of standard cable hoists of up to 100 t and special open winch configurations fully tailored to the customer's requirements, you will find the ideal solution for handling materials (coils), dies, compacted products, packaging for sheeting, and, in general, any material or equipment used in the production or supply chain.

We currently offer technology such as the Anti – Sway system for the handling of dies or variable speed solutions with frequency converters that facilitate its handling and exact positioning.

With long-term global experience in the supply of equipment and maintenance services, we can offer the solution that best adapts to your needs.


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