JASO Industrial Cranes maintenance is accredited by the vast experience of technicians who have been acclaimed by customers worldwide.

Our maintenance is distinguished by its fast action and high success rate in diagnostics and execution. Thanks to our wide network of delegations and mobile teams, we carry out maintenance on our cranes worldwide.


The purpose of this maintenance is to carry out given repairs or changes in components according to time, usage intervals, or previously agreed criteria in order to reduce the probability of a breakdown or to increase performance. This can be programmed or predictive maintenance, with the objective of detecting potential breakdowns ahead of time. The opportune detection of errors reduces the possibility of larger breakdowns and unanticipated delays. This is why the specialised technicians at JASO Industrial Cranes carry out a preventive revision of the machinery designed to guarantee its maximum safety and availability.


Maintenance that is carried out due to a detected failure that could cause the crane to stop working, and therefore an interruption in the production process. This maintenance may or may not be programmed. At JASO Industrial Cranes, we follow a strict procedure in order to carry out corrective machine maintenance so that it functions in perfect condition and once again gives maximum performance, all in the shortest time possible, adapting to our customers' needs and requirements.


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