Safety Inspection

Safety first.

We develop the most appropriate inspection plans according to the specific design characteristics of each crane.

Visual and audio inspections of different components and checking the functioning of each and every one of the main safety elements.

Visual and Audio Inspection

These are carried out according to the crane's characteristics. Inspections made by qualified personnel capable of carrying out a complete revision to guarantee that the machine functions perfectly. From basic inspections, such as checking the state of the cables, hooks, safety latches, nuts and screws, structure, adequate lubrication, electronic equipment, runways, protective stops, up to a complete inspection of the crane.

Performance Checks

These are done taking the particular conditions of each crane into account. The functioning of the different machine safety elements such as the control panels, limit switches, anti-collision devices, emergency brakes, load limiters, and brakes are checked. Maximum stringency guarantees the best performance of cranes from JASO Industrial Cranes.


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