Our cable hoists with a two-speed lifting motor are supplied with the proven experience of thousands of pieces of equipment installed in recent years. Its main strengths are:

Capacity 1 to 100 t

Span 1 to 30 m

Work Group M4 to M6

  • Dual winding motor brake with a short circuit rotor and IP 55 protection as well as other protections available on request.
  • Instantaneously triggered electromagnetic brake in case of power failure.
  • Elevation reducing gear of our own design comprised of gears mounted on bearings that turn continuously in an oil bath in a hermetically sealed cabinet.
  • Completely mechanised laminated steel drum, following the current FEM regulations.
  • Cable-Guide: Nodular casting, breakage and wear resistant. Consists of two pieces, which makes it easy to assemble. A spring is attached to the cable-guide which maintains tension during load elevating and lowering operations.
  • Load Limiter: With a snap action switch that complies with the machinery safety directive.
  • Load Block and Hook: Made from forged alloyed steel and suspended from a cross piece made from the same material, it is mounted on an axial bearing and contains a safety latch that prevents slings from being released.
  • Limit Switch: Operated by the cable-guide, it limits hook movement in extreme positions.