This range of hoists includes an overspeed variator in the lifting motor as a standard.

Capacity 1 to 100 t

Span 1 to 30 m

Work Group M4 to M6

  • Transfer and Lifting Variator - Smoother and quieter starts.
  • Closed Loop Vector Control - Safer with more system control.
  • Continuous Lifting and Transfer Brakes - Less wear.
  • Cable, effective rupture 220 kg/mm² - Greater resistancy coefficient.
  • Hoist Junction Box with IP-55 protection - Simpler maintenance and better insulation.
  • Adjustable Lifting and Transfer Speeds, from 0 to a nominal velocity - Greater versatility.
  • Encoder mounted outside the motor, making the reading of the variator more reliable.
  • Electric Multi Tension Solution - Versatility, so it doesn't have to be adapted to work in different countries.
  • A more compact hoist reduced in length by 36 %, thereby not overreaching the trolley frame and so ensuring closer links.