We offer a wide range of fully steerable, self-propelled, battery-powered carts, rail-mounted electric-driven carts and rail transfer carts for moving heavy loads in the industrial sector.

Our automated guided vehicles (AGV) are the best solutions for moving heavy equipment at ground level both indoors and outdoors, ensuring greater productivity and safety.

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All our carts feature solid and modular construction, which can be adapted to any application and sector. At JASO, we develop the mechanical and electrical designs—as well as the automation—of all our equipment. This allows us to offer our customers tailored solutions. We adapt the carts to requirements on a case-by-base basis, as they come in a wide range of capacities and sizes.

JASO automated guided vehicles (AGV) feature state-of-the-art technology and all the safety features, such as electronic and automatic guidance components, SICK safety laser scanners, emergency buttons, light and sound signals when operating and safety warning horn.

We have two types of solutions for each degree of automation:


Specially designed to move freely on floors whether inside or outside a building without limitations of rail length and distance. We manufacture carts with capacities ranging from 8t to 60t as standard and with higher capacities depending on customer needs. They bear heavy loads and can be self propelled and battery powered or manually controlled.


  • Reinforced structural design.
  • Decks and transport of cable reels tailored to customer needs.
  • Dual rotating axle for greater manoeuvrability.
  • Single-axle steering with an angle of rotation of +/- 25º.
  • Electric driven with electronic control.
  • Optional features include SICK safety laser scanners, emergency buttons, light and sound signals when operating, front and rear infrared controls and safety warning horn.
  • Safety sensors.
  • Waterproof switchboards and connectors.
  • Easy access to all components for maintenance.
  • Battery charger included.
Capacity (t) Minimum dimensions (mm) "NO. OF WHEELS (drives)" Outer wheel minimum turning radius (mm) Approx. weight (kg) Max. wheel r (kg) Speed (m/min) Battery
a b c d e f
8 3200 2100 1800 1800 825 400 4 (2) 5150 3000 2750 20 48v 400Ah
10 3400 2100 1900 1900 875 500 4 (2) 5400 3300 3300
20 4000 2400 2200 2200 1000 600 4 (2) 6300 6100 6525
40 4200 3000 2200 2200 1000 600 8 (4) 6500 7900 11975
60 4200 3000 2200 2200 1050 600 8 (4) 6500 8800 17200


This type of cart has been designed to be mounted on rails for shuttling along a fixed path. We design and manufacture carts with capacities ranging from 1t to 180t which operate in different ways:

  • Electric battery
  • Cable reel
  • Electric line
  • Induction


We also manufacture transfer carts for the handling and maintenance of railway carriages with capacities ranging from 60t to 150t.