Crane modernisation is frequently a solution that helps our customers improve their investment. We are not only leaders in manufacturing but in understanding and providing solutions for our customers. Why modernise a crane?

Lengthen a crane's life

An older crane can be renovated. We are not just talking about a slight adjustment, but increasing its lifting capacity and speed, improving safety functions and replacing old components in order to improve the crane's performance. These improvements lengthen the life of the machine, hence enhancing the original investment.

Increase Productivity

Whether the decision to proceed with renovation and modernisation is based on the need to improve performance in production or because the production process is totally new. At JASO Industrial Cranes, we assess and modernise cranes so that the system is fully integrated according to the needs of the production chain.

  • Load capacity improvement
  • Crane speed improvement
  • Adaptation to load type
  • Adaptation to new lifting technologies
  • Facility transfer
  • Delay reduction

Safety comes first

At JASO Industrial Cranes, we always apply the latest safety technology. That's why we adapt our cranes to the new safety regulations, because they may have changed since the crane was manufactured.

  • Application of new safety technologies
  • Crane modernisation to standing safety regulations
  • Reduction in inactivity
  • Improvement in overhead crane operator comfort and ergonomics


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