Coke crane for the Belarusian refinery OJSC "Naftan"

The double girder semi-gantry has been installed at the OJSC "Naftan" petrochemical complex in Novopolotsk, Republic of Belarus.


The corporate group Duro Felguera, specialized in turnkey projects for the energy sector, signed a contract with the Belarusian petrochemical company, OJSC “Naftan” to supply several equipments to the Novopolotsk refinery. Duro Felguera trusted in Jaso Industrial Cranes for the design, construction and commissioning of the semi-gantry for handling coke.


The 30/5 tonne, 33+6 metres span double girder semi-gantry has already been installed by our expertise team.

The crane has been designed with special materials due to the complex operating conditions of handling coke and the extreme climatic temperatures down to -40ºC. The crane is ATEX and EAC certified to handle highly flammable and explosive materials, and is also equipped with a mechanical section adapted to these environments:

  • Gearboxes with heat probes and heating elements encapsulated in high strength steel casings to prevent cracking. The 18CrNiMo7-6 input pinion shaft is suitable for case hardening and tempering, as the nickel content makes the material more ductile at low temperatures.
  • The crane structure; the beams, the frame, the trolley, the skids and the caps, among others, are manufactured with S275J2 steel with the aim of withstanding the stresses at -40ªC.
  • The cabin is manufactures by Brieda company, in order to offer a cabin with the best conditions for Nafta operators.
  • Clamshell, junction boxes, electrical elements and other systems, are ATEX-certified for coke handling.

In addition, the semi-gantry is equipped with the latest technological systems:

  • Energy recovery and efficiency systems.
  • Optimisation of the installation outside the crane through the use of medium voltage.
  • Own control systems; anti-crossover, anti-sway and semi-automatic cycle systems.

Thanks to this and other projects with these characteristics, JASO Industrial Cranes is positioned as a leader in terms of lifting solutions for refineries worldwide.