5 bridge cranes for the new biomass plant in Cubillos del Sil

We have provided a turnkey project for Acciona in the town of Cubillos del Sil, León, for the generation of energy from the combustion of biomass (straw bales).


Acciona has once again placed its trust in JASO cranes for one of the largest forest biomass plants in Southern Europe, which it has carried out together with IMASA for Forestalia company, specialises in the promotion of renewable energies.It does so after the positive experience of the Briviesca and Miajadas projects where we installed 6 similar cranes and which after 10 years continue to work satisfactorily. 

The new Forestalia plant, located in the Bierzo mining basin, will have a power of 49.9 MW and will consume 350,000 tonnes of biomass per year, mainly forest and straw.


As a solution, we have carried out a turnkey project that includes the design, construction, assembly and commissioning of our lifting equipment.

At the moment, the plant has 5 overhead cranes, 1 single-girder and 4 double-girders.

The 5 ton single-girder crane is intended for maintenance tasks in the area of the turbine and the auxiliary workshop. 

The management of the warehouse, both the unloading and storage of the straw bales that arrive in trucks, and the feeding of the line, is carried out with three automated double-girder cranes of 2 x 12/1 tons and 17.4 meters of light. All of them have a special clamp adapted to this material and its positioning, unloading and storage scheme. They also have humidity sensors to guarantee maximum optimisation of the process. 

For its part, the fourth double-girder crane of 35 tons and 30 metres of light, was installed for the assembly and maintenance of the turbine.

Thanks to our local technical service in Castilla y León, we offer Acciona and Forestalia permanent maintenance, thus guaranteeing the full performance of the cranes.