ArcelorMittal & JASO Industrial Cranes, a case of win-win collaboration

04 March 2021

We have manufactured a crane with ArcelorMittal's own steel for the Distribution Centre located in Basauri.

We have recently installed a double girder overhead crane with a rotating trolley and a load capacity of up to 20 tonnes at ArcelorMittal's Distribution Centre in Basauri, a crane partly manufactured with ArcelorMittal's own steel. An interesting case of win-win collaboration, as Distribución Iberia is both our customer and supplier, and JASO in turn is both supplier and customer.

This is how this pairing came about, in which JASO Industrial Cranes relies on the steel of Distribución Iberia and Distribución Iberia relies on JASO Industrial Cranes to provide equipment with maximum efficiency and safety.

The renovation of the crane has led to an improvement in the process, incorporating a permanent magnet that allows material handling with a 90-degree turn. Likewise, the new equipment has increased the efficiency in the transport of loads: the obsolete crane was limited to a load of 10 tones, while the new one can handle up to 20 tones. The process has also been improved in terms of safety, as all movements can now be carried out with a single remote control.

Video and information: ArcelorMittal




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