Demountable modular gantry crane for the Terratest Group

The purpose of the crane is to unload pipes in shafts made with tunneling machines in order to feed water pipes from desalination plants, sewage plants, sanitation and drainage systems


Eurohinca, a company belonging to the Terratest International Group and specialised in building tunnels with tunnelling machines, asked us to build a demountable and easy-to-transport gantry crane to be used in its many projects around the world.


In order to offer a product with a high degree of manoeuvrability, we have designed and supplied a 16-ton demountable modular gantry crane with variable spans of 9, 17 and 24 metres. The customer will therefore be able to assemble and disassemble the crane easily, and thus use it in subsequent projects being adaptable to the different diameters of the shafts.

The crane has been installed for the first time in the Chilean region of Atacama to build a tunnel that will help improve the sewerage system of the area. Its main function is to deliver pipes in the sewage shaft of the Copiapó desalination plant and transport all kinds of materials necessary for the building of the tunnel.