9 cranes for Iberdrola’s Tâmega project

JASO Industrial Cranes takes part in the most important hydroelectric power complex in Portugal


Since 2014, Iberdrola has been working on one of its largest energy projects in Northern Portugal, which involves the construction of three hydroelectric power plants along the Tâmega River basin: Gouvães, Alto Tâmega and Daivões.


The Spanish energy group asked us for 9 pieces of lifting equipment with different capacities for the maintenance of the three new facilities. The cranes are intended to ensure that the hydroelectric power complex works at full capacity throughout its lifespan.

In 2019, we set up three cranes—a 20-tonne double-girder gantry crane and two 150/20-tonne double-girder cranes for the Gouvães pumping station, which will be the first to begin operations in 2021.

At present, we are in the construction phase of the 6 remaining cranes for the Alto Tâmega and Daivões hydroelectric power plants, where we will supply two 15-tonne double-girder semi-gantry cranes, two 20-tonne single-girder cranes and two 200-tonne double-girder cranes.

Thank you, Iberdrola, for trusting in JASO Industrial Cranes and including us in this project, which diversifies energy sources, avoids 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually and generates an increase of 6% in the total installed electrical power in the country.