Cutting-edge cranes for processing urban waste

The new overhead crane installed in Alcalá del Río will help to improve recycling in the province of Seville


In order to expand and modernise the La Vega treatment plant, new mechanisms had to be added for the collection of urban waste.

With this objective, the company Ferrovial, in conjunction with the La Vega Municipal Services Association, asked us for a state-of-the-art crane to optimise recycling tasks in the area of Alcalá del Río.


As a solution, JASO replaced the standard overhead crane already installed since 1999, with a semi-automatic, 5-tonne crane with a span of 14 metres which includes an autonomous electro-hydraulic grab with a capacity of up to 4 m3.

Thanks to our semi-automation software, the crane guarantees greater precision in its movements and increased efficiency in the processing of the waste entering the plant. We therefore achieve greater productivity, a higher number of operating cycles and a reduction in equipment failure risks.

With the installation of our semi-automated overhead crane, the La Vega processing plant is the first to use this collection system which, to date, is one of the most highly developed on the Iberian Peninsula.