14 bridge cranes for a steel plant in Brazil

JASO Industrial Cranes has supplied 8 double girder and 6 single girder cranes for the long steel plant of Siderúrgica Latinoamericana in São Gonçalo do Amarante, Brazil


The engineering company Russula, a specialist in lamination design and construction, was in charge of carrying out this turnkey project for the Brazilian company Silat, one of the main steel producers.


Russula relied on the experience and know-how of JASO in the steel sector for the start-up of the long steel mill, for which we supplied 14 bridge cranes. We installed 8 double girder and 6 single girder cranes of different capacities and spans for the lamination plant project, from the handling of billet and corrugated material, to shipment. In addition, the project includes several cranes for maintenance and storage of the finished product.

Our cranes will work alongside the high-tech rolling mill, whose steel plate production is estimated to exceed 600,000 tonnes per year.