The best cranes for the steel sector

04 October 2016

Leading international companies from the steel industry already rely on our products and services. We offer maximum security and productivity to our clients from around the world

With more than 100 casting cranes installed throughout the world, JASO Industrial Cranes is today one of the leading producers of lifting devices for the steel industry. We design and install scrap handling cranes, EAF charging cranes and ladle handling cranes, cranes for forging, Tundish cranes and cranes for rolling mills for companies of the size of ArcelorMittal, North American Stainless and Deacero, among others.

More than 50 years ensuring maximum security and productivity for our clients speak for itself. We have extensive experience and knowledge to offer the best solution in steel mills, foundries and rolling mills.

All our products are designed to work in these demanding environments where accuracy and compliance with high duty work cycles are crucial. From our broad range, we highlight casting cranes for their high load capacity and robustness.

At JASO we rely on an added value: our ability to adapt our cranes depending on environment and production requirements. We provide various tailored solutions in magnet traverses and articulated trolley configurations; we use different management tools such as grabs, magnets, hydraulic clamshell grabs or combined configurations; and we offer various automated solutions for the storage of metallic materials.

JASO Industrial Cranes will become your best ally.


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