The best lifting solutions for the iron and steel industry.

Deacero, one of the world's largest wire manufacturers, trusted the JASO Industrial Cranes steel works lifting solutions.


A complex project due to its Greenfield design and the need to coordinate with the rest of the contractors. Design, production and installation of supplies for the different production phases, and above all, a special need for a charging and ladle handling crane, due to the complexity in safety and productivity.


An ambitious project, supplying from 4 t (CX40H1021) electric trolley hoists to various double-girder overhead cranes installed in different warehouses to provide a solution for the different phases of production. A project with an objective of providing an integral solution for each manufacturing phase, designing, manufacturing and installing the necessary cranes. However, the JASO Industrial Cranes engineers outdid themselves in the design, manufacturing and installation of a charging and ladle handling crane tailored to the clients' needs (280 t declassified to 320 t and two auxiliary hooks of 80 t and 20 t. FEM CLASS GROUP M8 A8). A tailored solution where once again JASO Industrial Cranes is positioned as a leader in lifting solutions in the iron and steel sector.