Slab crane for ArcelorMittal Atlantique et Lorraine

Last year we installed three cranes in the various European plants of the world's leading steel producer


For the Atlantique et Lorraine plant, located in Dunkirk, in the north of France, ArcelorMittal needed a crane for the removal of hot steel slabs coming directly from the continuous casting process.


As a solution, we delivered a tandem version 140 metric tonne “Heavy Duty” crane with a span of 36 metres. The crane has high lifting, bridge as well as trolley travelling speeds, a fundamental requirement for optimal handling of the slabs which are mainly produced for the automotive industry.

The crane is operated from a control cabin which moves transversely to the movement of the crane and jointly with the trolley. The crane has been designed based on ergonomic criteria and is thermally isolated to guarantee working conditions according to ArcelorMittal's standards.

In addition to the Dunkirk plant, last year we delivered two 70 tonne tandem double girder cranes with a span of between 28 and 33.5 metres for the Galati facilities in Romania.

We would like to take the opportunity here of thanking ArcelorMittal for their trust in us. Thanks to these types of projects and JASO’s knowhow, today we are leaders in the design and manufacture of industrial cranes for the steel industry.