United States Of America

Second expansion of the North American Stainless plant

JASO Industrial Cranes is a leading supplier to one of the leading American producers of stainless steel, with 40 of our cranes at its facilities


North American Stainless continues relying on our cranes to expand once more and thus improving its steel making and rolling mill in Ghent, Kentucky.


Our extensive experience working with NAS has allowed us to gain a great knowledge of this sector, and this way, each day offer better lifting solutions to the leading stainless steel company. Thanks to our "know how" and the experience gained in earlier projects we have become more than a mere supplier of industrial cranes, a provider of solutions.

For this second phase of expansion, our engineering team has prepared a turnkey project covering all areas from the design to the commissioning of the equipment, including subcontracting of local service companies and mobile lifting equipment. After a customised study, we included 5 special cranes for handling stainless steel coils and 4 hoists for curved beams for auxiliary operations in this project.

Further, in addition to our traditional after-sales service, which is included in all turnkey projects, we have offered North American Stainless the preventive maintenance support, which consists in carrying out an annual review as well as its corresponding diagnosis to continue to guarantee the effectiveness and productivity of all JASO cranes.

Achieving customer loyalty is one of our goals, because a customer who repeats is synonymous of satisfaction and a job well done.