Lifting equipment for Sakthi Portugal SP21

JASO Industrial Cranes, through EURO-EQUIP, supplies the casting crane for Sakthi’s SP21 foundry and auxiliary cranes in its iron and steel works


Sakthi Portugal’s SP21 foundry, located in Águeda, opened its doors in February and has become one of the most impressive foundries in the world, with state-of-the-art facilities that enable an annual capacity of 80,000 tons.


JASO’s know-how and experience, providing solutions to the iron and steel industry, have been key factors in being able to implement Sakthi Portugal’s project. We have supplied a casting crane for the handling of the liquid steel basket, with a capacity of 20/6.3 t and a span of 18.36 m, as well as several auxiliary cranes, two of which are 2 t gantry jib cranes with a 5 m arm, and a 10 ton single-girder crane with a span of 20 m. Two 10 t double-girder cranes with a span of 20 m have also been installed.

We are grateful to EURO-EQUIP and Sakthi for replying on JASO Industrial Cranes to participate in this benchmark project in the sector.