JASO cranes in the largest international nuclear fusion experiment

Our cranes are part of the ITER project, which seeks to replicate on earth the reactions that take place in the sun and stars to produce unlimited energy.


35 countries have joined together in the ITER nuclear fusion pilot project to demonstrate the feasibility of fusion as an energy source and to move towards commercial fusion power plants. 

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor is being built in Cadarache, in the south of France. This ambitious project is currently in the assembly phase and involves the participation of around 50 Spanish companies, including JASO.


For the assembly stage, last year we delivered two double-girder cranes adapted to work outdoors with a 10 tonne and 6.2 metre span. In addition to 2 hoists of 5 and 10 tons, with electric trolley, synchronised lifts and hooks and a micro speed for vertical axis adjustment. 

The cranes are fully operational and have already helped to install 13 vertical turbine pumps that will move one ton of water per second. 

The first test of the largest nuclear fusion reactor is expected to take place in 2025, and we will be watching closely!