Automated cranes for the new Gipuzkoa Environmental Complex

9 JASO cranes are already autonomously operating at the pioneering mechanical biological treatment plant that will process 135,000 tonnes of waste per year.


The innovative Environmental Complex has 4 infrastructures: a mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plant, an energy recovery plant, a biomethane plant (BP) and a slag treatment plant.

For the MBT plant for the treatment of household waste, Urbaser—an environmental management company—chose our state-of-the-art cranes.


We provided 9 cranes, 1 trolley and 2 hoists during this initial phase which is intended to recover recyclable materials still present in the remaining fraction (paper, cardboard, plastic packaging, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals).

In the pre-treatment stage, we installed 2 double-girder cranes with a load capacity of 12.5 tonnes and a span of 9.5 metres working in tandem. Both cranes are located above the pit where the lorries unload waste and are tasked with loading and unloading the material. Once sorted, they move it back to the hoppers to start the biological process.

For the next phase, we commissioned an 8-tonne double-girder crane with a span of 13 metres, which—using a shoveller—handles slag resulting from incineration.

The remaining cranes are for the maintenance of the facility:

  • A 3.2-tonne single-girder crane with a span of 5 metres
  • A 5-tonne single-girder crane with a span of 34 metres
  • Two 20-tonne double-girder cranes with a span of 15 metres
  • A 25-tonne double-girder crane with a span of 18 metres
  • 2-tonne wall-mounted jib crane with a span of 7 metres
  • 2-tonne double-girder trolley
  • 5-tonne electric trolley hoist
  • 2-tonne low-headroom hoist

Photos: GHK