5 cranes for the new wind turbine plant in Argentina

The GRUAPA - JASO ARGENTINA gantry cranes will help to manufacture 150 wind turbines per year


Nordex Acciona Windpower, a world benchmark in the wind turbine industry, asked us for lifting systems for the new wind turbine assembly plant located in the province of Córdoba, Argentina belonging to FAdeA (Fábrica de Argentina de Aviones), which ventured into the wind energy sector this year, manufacturing and supplying wind turbines to the country's main wind farms.


Our production centre Gruapa SRL has installed 5 large-capacity semi-automatic cranes—one single-girder crane and four double-girder gantry cranes with lifting capacities between 40 and 75 tonnes with a span of 25 metres—, which will help in the manufacture of roofing covering the components of a wind turbine, aside from the assembly of the parts of the wind turbines.

The cranes were adapted to the layout of the premises and electrically developed for the production process. We added important safety systems in order to move and rotate parts weighing more than 70 tonnes and to transport up to 150 tonnes during the assembly process.