3 overhead cranes for hydroelectric plants in Guatemala

We are cooperating in phases II, III and IV of the Renace project to build the largest hydroelectric complex in Guatemala


Since 2011, Cobra Infraestructuras has been carrying out the construction works of a series of plants located on the Cahabón River in the municipality of San Pedro Carchá.

A project that is expected to be completed by the middle of 2018 to become the largest hydroelectric complex in Guatemala. The energy plants will generate 306 MW, supplying renewable energy to 15% of the country’s population.


JASO Industrial Cranes has supplied three overhead cranes and several hoists for the maintenance of cofferdams for the machine room, for the construction of the diversion dams, transformer substations, transmission lines and other structures of the three power generation plants. An overhead crane of 100/10 tons with a span of 20.3 m has been provided for the Renace II plant. An overhead crane of 50/10 t with a span of 14.5 m has been provided for the Renace III plant. Finally, an overhead crane of 80/10/10 t with a span of 14.6 m has yet to be assembled for the Renace IV plant.

We are proud to provide custom solutions for projects like this one, in which we are committed to renewable energies.