21 JASO cranes will help build offshore wind towers

The Haizea Wind project will export offshore wind towers throughout Europe from the port of Bilbao


The manufacturing plant for offshore wind turbines required high-capacity industrial cranes, as these turbines have to be larger and tougher than onshore turbines, as they are located at sea and have to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment.

Due to the complexity of the manufacturing process as well as the inland transport for the wind turbines, the port of Bilbao was chosen as location for this project, which aims to reinforce offshore wind farms mainly in Europe and other foreign markets.


For the manufacture of the offshore wind towers which are 8.5 metres in diameter and 50 metres long, and weigh 400 tons, we were tasked with supplying 21 cranes. 13 of them double-girder cranes and gantries equipped with standard hoists and a capacity of up to 63 t., while 8 cranes have a open trolley configuration and tandem type travelling mechanisms for up to 180 t. A self-contained transfer car with batteries for the transport of tower sections and parts on the ground is also included.

We are now delivering the first cranes, as the plant is expected to begin manufacturing by the end of April 2018.

We thank Haizea Wind for choosing JASO Industrial Cranes to work on this great project and we hope to continue our collaboration in the future.