We launch a new range of battery powered trolleys on wheels

29 April 2021

Our R&D team has developed innovative trolleys for moving loads at ground level in the industrial sector.

It is just over a year since we introduced our first autonomous trolleys. Since then we have been working non-stop, incorporating new technological components to make JASO's battery powered trolleys on wheels the most competent on the market. 

Our carts are well built and modular. They are the perfect complement for moving loads at ground level both indoors and outdoors. As manufacturers, we are able to adapt to the needs of our customers by offering a wide range of capacities and sizes with the possibility of configuring the type of guidance to the requirements of the manoeuvre and offering different movement settings: one steer axle, two steer axles and with bogies for free movement.

Our trolleys are self-driving and powered by battery. We work with standard trolleys from 1 to 60 tons but we also develop customised solutions for heavy industry, such as ladles, rail transfer carts and carts for moving large components for the wind energy and naval sectors with capacities of up to 500 tonnes.

Our standard trolleys are characterised by: 

  • Electronically controlled electric propulsion. Alternating current (AC) electric motors.
  • Movement controlled with frequency inverters, which allows the cart’s acceleration and braking to be inverters.
  • Emergency buttons, horn and operating light and sound signals.
  • Easy access to all components for maintenance purposes. Singleaxle steering with an angle of rotation of +/- 25º.
  • Reinforced structural design.
  • ECO mode, with batteries recharging while braking.
  • Lead acid batteries.

In addition, we have premium components that can be added individually to the standard model:

  • LED control screen.
  • Position and operating LED lights. Safety scanners.
  • Customisable bed according to the needs of the customer (size, shape and way of operating).
  • Fast charging.
  • Lithium batteries.
  • Exchangeable batteries.

For more information download the battery powered trolleys on wheels catalogue.


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