We help you choose the best hoist for your business

08 August 2016

At JASO Industrial Cranes we have designed a formula with which you can choose the hoist that best suits your project’s needs

Our expert technical team explains in a simple way how to use this formula to get the best from our hoists.

The first thing to do is the following mathematical operation, which will give you the hoist’s daily usage time.

For this you need to know information such as the average lifting height, work cycles per hour, operational time per day and lifting speed.

In order to fully understand the formula, we give the following example. Let’s suppose we have the following data:

  • Average lifting height: 6 m
  • Work cycles per hour: 25
  • Operational time per day: 8 h
  • Lifting speed: 5 mpm

Therefore, we now know that the daily usage of the hoist will be 8 hours.

Once the first step is completed, we move to the following table. To do this, we need other data such as the type of load, the load to be lifted and the arrangement of the cable.

Continuing with the example, let's assume we need a hoist with the following characteristics:

  • Load type: light
  • Daily usage: 8 h (data obtained from the previous formula)
  • Load capacity: 10,000 kg
  • Number of sections: 4/1

If we look through the various parts of the table, we come to the conclusion that the CX100 hoist in the M5 work group, according to the FEM classification, is best suited to the needs of the job we’ve looked at.

However, once the process is completed, if you have any questions, please contact our customer service. Our professionals are here to help you.


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