The semi-gantry crane from JASO Industrial Cranes leaves for JSC Naftan, Belarus

07 March 2016

The company DURO FELGUERA has trusted JASO in the supply of their equipment for several units of the refinery.

Duro Felguera S.A. (DF) is an international leading group that specialises in the execution of "turnkey" projects for the energy and industrial sectors and the manufacturing of equipment. They work for the relevant petrochemical multinationals like the OJSC "Naftan" refinery. The main equipment has been supplied to various units of the refinery in Belarus, such as the delayed coking unit and the recovery unit for the waste material produced in the refining process.

The 30/5 t double-girder semi-gantry crane with a  span of 33,000+6 m for handling coke has left for Belarus. It has been designed with special materials, redundant safety measures and directives that ensure optimal functioning with no unforeseen stops. This type of crane, specifically prepared for inflammable atmospheres (ATEX) and environments with extreme temperatures of up to -50 degrees, is necessary to meet the intense work cycle demands. JASO Industrial Cranes is positioned as a leader in high performance lifting solutions for refineries worldwide.


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