Leaders in lifting solutions for the railway sector

16 January 2017

With our more than 50 years of extensive experience and the latest technologies applied to our cranes, we are a trustworthy ally for the rail industry

At JASO we specialize in providing cranes for both train construction and rail and intermodal logistics flow.

In the process of manufacturing cars, wagons and trains in general, we apply solutions through bridge cranes, traversers, auxiliary cranes and hoists, thus achieving the ideal performance to optimize production flow.

Regarding the logistics management of container terminals, we have customized our gantry cranes with the latest developments from our R & D department, such as the semi-automated container management and positioning system, which offers more accuracy and time saving, Also included are regenerative lifting drives that allow energy reduction and greater durability of equipment.

Two of the latest projects completed for strategic clients in the sector have been the TALGO production centre in Rivabellosa, with more than 30 units installed, from monorail and bridge cranes to chain hoists and 40T traversers. And for ADIF in Irún, the 2-4-2 type gantry container crane (RMG) on rails with 40 T capacity, with the aim of modernizing the logistic system of loading and unloading international traffic.


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