110th ladle handling crane installed in Romania

06 March 2017

Last February, JASO Industrial Cranes delivered a 300t capacity ladle handling crane to ArcelorMittal, the leading international steel company

Thanks to our know-how in the steel sector, JASO has already installed more than 110 ladle handling cranes around the world. The latest one has been installed in one of ArcelorMittal’s main factories, in Galati, Romania, and its transport involved the use of 18 trucks. It is a tandem type, double-girder crane with a lifting capacity of 300 tons and a span of 15.5 m.

Despite being exposed to the extreme conditions of the casting process, this crane has an operational availability of more than 99% by the use of the latest advances in safety technology, adding two safety disc brakes bolted to the drum, a dual driveline for the main hoist and a centralised fire extinguishing as well as a dust and dirt extraction system.

Due to the short span and the concomitant great height of the crane, our engineers in collaboration with the client, carried out, a custom-prepared prior study, thus optimising the space available for the mechanical and electrical components, as well as including the possibility of swapping certain elements, as for example the wheels and boggies of the trolley and the bridge travelling. All this, in order to provide a fast and efficient maintenance of the crane. Another important aspect is that the crane uses regenerative inverters, recovering energy during the braking procedure.

The crane is expected to start operation towards the end of 2017.


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