A JASO Industrial Cranes Self-Driving Cart, Used in Repair and Maintenance Works for Metro de Madrid

The company chose our range of battery powered trolleys on wheels for transporting machinery and wheel bogies for railcars.


Metro de Madrid, the centenary public transport network of the Spanish capital, the fifth with most stations (behind London, New York, Shanghai and Paris subways) requires continuous maintenance and repair of railcars and machinery to ensure proper daily service.

The transport of wheel bogies and various maintenance parts is essential for this type of task. This raises the need for a robust and efficient ground level load transport system with a certain degree of autonomy.


JASO Industrial Cranes provided an autonomous trolley with a 10 tonne capacity and a steerable axle, a very appropriate vehicle for this task in the central workshops of Metro de Madrid.

The customized bed of the trolley allows the bogies to fit into notches for better transport. The trolley also features a LED control screen and LED position and operating lights, safety scanners, vulkollan wheels, ECO mode (for fast charging and regeneration of the batteries during braking), easy access to all components for maintenance purposes and emergency buttons, horn and operating light and sound signal.

All these features make this trolley an efficient, tough and safe vehicle. A perfect complement for the most demanding tasks, whether indoors or outdoors.