10 JASO Cranes at Irizar Forge

Since 2002, Irizar Forge has been working with JASO for the manufacture of crane components, which in turn form part of our solutions.


Irizar Forge, one of our main hook suppliers, has a fleet of 10 JASO cranes:

  • A 32-ton, 16,220-metre span double-girder crane.
  • One 12.5-ton, 14,010-metre span double-girder crane.
  • One 32-ton, 14,010-metre-long double-girder crane.
  • Two 1.6-ton, 6-metre-span single-girder semi-gantry crane.
  • One 5-ton, 13,995-span single-girder crane.
  • One 12.5-ton, 16,520-metre-long double-girder crane.
  • One 6.3-ton, 10,525-metre-long double-girder crane.
  • One 5/2.5-ton double-girder crane with a span of 11,870 metres.
  • An 18-ton double-girder crane with a span of 16,220 metres.

Among all of them, the 29.5-metre, 18-tonne, 16,220-metre span double girder crane with a special open trolley, and integrated in its forging manipulator, stands out. Its main function is to manipulate steel parts at 1,200ºC while they are being forged in the presses.


This crane has been designed to withstand the extreme conditions of a forge.

The main feature of the forging manipulator is its maneuverability in confined spaces, as it is capable of multi-axis movements. This double girder crane is dimensioned to withstand the high reactions that are generated due to the fact that the weight of the piece is far away from the vertical axis of the manipulator. In addition, it is also used to transport materials weighing up to 18 tons between the furnaces and the presses.

In short, Irizar Forge is a special case in the JASO Industrial Cranes portfolio: in addition to being customers, they are also responsible for supplying hooks for our equipment. A long-standing symbiotic relationship that demonstrates that both companies have high-end, robust, and long-lasting equipment.